The natural slate stone, used with the natural stones brought from Turkey and pedestrian and vehicle paths and park and garden arrangements as interior and exterior wall coverings of the building, restorations, fireplace barbecue park garden arrangements, chimney and oven, puts on everywhere it is used durability, long-lasting and aesthetic values. There is no risk of breakage or tearing. The natural shale stone is resistant to wear. It is the ideal material for damp floors with its anti-slip feature. It is not influenced by heat, the change of seasons. Decorative applications for wall as interior and exterior claddings, chimney, barbecue, interior panels can be realized in thicknesses at the interval of 1-3 cm with our natural fossil shale stone. One tone of the slate stone in this thickness covers approximately a zone of 15 – 18 m2. Natural slate stone in thicknesses at the interval of 4-6 cm is used in applications such as sidewalks, park and garden design, roads for vehicles, construction of butterfly walls, building flooding and swimming pool edges. It can be covered 9 to 10 square meters with 1 ton of the slate stone in this thickness. Butterfly wall stone in thicknesses at the interval of 6-10 cm is serving for different purposes as on vehicle routes as concrete jointed, inter grass without mortar or as stepping stone in garden arrangements. One tone of the shale stone in this thickness covers a zone of ​​approximately 5-6 meters.

We can give form and shape as appropriate to the order of the slate stone in our newly established stone cutting workshop through changing continuously of our product and service quality, meeting customer demand and expectations at the top level, constituting a reliable link with a strong communication between our consumer and us, ensuring customer loyalty and dispatching slate stone to everywhere of Europe.

The customer satisfaction comes first for us !

We also give the stone for a reasonable price for the introduction of the stone.

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