Our company has been operating since 1996 in the field of shop keeping of shale, production and export. Fossilized shale stone is being demanded intensely by private and business customers founded in domestic area and abroad due to the fact that it is aesthetic and a different structure. We would like to bring together the fossil shale stone taken out with care from our quarry in Bodrum and that is the unique gift of nature, with your buildings and we would like to have you experienced this beauty.

Shale stone, which is used as a building material for all kinds of interior and exterior claddings, sidewalks and roads for vehicles, as well as parks and gardens of the construction sector, adds durability and longevity as well as aesthetic values wherever it is used.

We are able to transport shale stones within Turkey, to Germany, France and England and we can give shape and form according to your orders in our cutting saddle thanks to our transport fleet, which can be found in the structure of our company.

Our company present for our individual and institutional consumers all kind of preliminary information, usage samples, technical assistance, and all kind of required services within the frame of support in pre-sales and after-sales for fossilized shale stone whose usage areas and popularity increase each day.

We invite you to meet with stale stone in order to distinguish and add value to your buildings

Sincerely Yours….

We also give the stone for a reasonable price for the introduction of the stone.

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